Complaints & Grievances

Options for executives, employees and whistleblowers

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Being marginalised or treated unfairly at work can have a devastating effect on your career and health. 

You may have suffered retaliation as a result of reporting something or alerting your employer to malpractice. Or you may be suffering bullying or discrimination, have been denied a bonus, or have grounds to argue constructive dismissal. Whatever it is, rest assured you’re not alone. 

In each case, trying to resolve matters informally is usually the preferred course of action. But if that isn't getting anywhere, the next step may be to submit a complaint or grievance letter. With us, you'll be in safe and capable hands, as we’re well-regarded for our work advising employees and senior executives. We'll ensure your complaint hits the right tone, and prepare a strong and persuasive case for you. 

If we can't resolve matters this way, you may want to consider legal proceedings. We'll always advise you on the best options for you. 

And if, at any time, it seems leaving might be the best option, we can negotiate with your employer and advise you on any settlement.

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