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Settlement agreements

If your employer wants to terminate your employment at minimal risk, it may offer a settlement agreement. In that agreement, you will waive your right to bring any employment-related claim in exchange for compensation. The compensation offered will often be more than the minimum your employer is obliged to pay.  As you will be giving up valuable rights, you have to have advice from a relevant independent adviser, such as one of our employment lawyers. Usually your employer will agree to pay a contribution towards your legal fees and, wherever possible, we will not charge you more. If that is not possible, we will be as transparent with you as possible by letting you know how much you may have to pay when the matter concludes. Your adviser will be able to provide you with more details. You can find out more out settlement agreements here.

Employment tribunal unfair/wrongful dismissal claims and immigration applications

The costs information below is provided in accordance with the SRA Transparency Rules and the Price and Service Transparency guidance issued by the Law Society. These Rules require us to provide costs information in relation to two areas of our practice: (1) advising and representing employees and employers when bringing and defending claims for unfair and wrongful dismissal in the employment tribunal and (2) in relation to the preparation and submission of immigration applications, excluding asylum applications. The information provided is a guide and not a binding quote for working on your case. If you instruct us we will provide you with a fee estimate tailored to your case.

The information provided does not amount to legal advice or a comprehensive overview of every potential permutation that could occur in an employment tribunal claim for unfair dismissal and/or wrongful dismissal or immigration application. We are obliged to provide you with information about likely third party costs, such as barristers’ fees. As changes to these are outside our control we are not responsible for any errors in this information, which we are providing to you based on our experience and as a guide only.

Costs information for employees and employers bringing and defending claims for unfair or wrongful dismissal specified in the SRA Transparency Rules

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Costs information for individuals making immigration applications specified in the SRA Transparency Rules

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