Inward Investment

Helping international business come to the UK

With its considerable wealth of consumers and corporate clients, excellent legal, regulatory and pro-business environment and the major economies of continental Europe in close proximity, the UK market remains an attractive prospect for many international businesses. Through our own corporate advisory team and ecosystem of contacts at accountancy firms, financial advisers, insurance brokers and relocation experts we can help you set up and grow your team in the UK. 

Our services

Our lawyers have extensive experience in helping foreign headquartered businesses navigate the UK’s legal and regulatory landscape. We’re well used to working with clients across different time zones and business cultures.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Advice on and setting up an appropriate UK establishment and/or acquiring an existing UK business
  • Ongoing corporate governance to ensure your UK business is compliant with relevant Company Law
  • Provision of appropriate employment and consultancy agreements for your UK team and ongoing Labor Law and HR advice
  • Business Immigration services to ensure your business can employ the best talent and bring in existing management
  • Advice on and setting up stock plans to incentivise your UK employees
  • Training and advice on the UK’s Data Protection and Anti-Bribery legislation
  • Advice on your UK commercial contracts and UK terms & conditions of business on your mobile and website apps  
  • And where needed: regulatory advice for financial services companies, health and safety advice/audits and Notary Public Services

To assist with cost planning for your move to the UK, our work is competitively priced and we are happy to discuss fixed fees where appropriate.

Our Inward Investment Ecosystem  

We understand that you need more than just legal services to tackle the UK market. So we have developed a comprehensive network of contacts to ensure you have access to professional advice for all your needs. Our ecosystem can provide:

  • Help with international tax structuring and transfer pricing agreements
  • Payroll services
  • Bank account set-up
  • Compulsory insurance cover for employers and recommended cover against public, business and cyber security risks
  • Advice on setting up and administration of Employee Benefit Programs and compulsory Auto-Enrolment Pension Plans
  • Financial advice to your employees and cross border tax advice to existing management who join the UK operation
  • Relocation services to help transition existing staff into the UK

To find out more, please contact any of our Inward Investment team: Anita De Atouguia, Liz Barton and Declan Bradley.

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