International Legal Services

Our reach extends beyond the shores of the United Kingdom

French Chamber of Great Britain

We don't just advise UK businesses; we have many international and multi-national clients. Through our strong international network and contacts, we can help you get the right legal advice for your business across Europe and around the world.

If you run international operations, we offer a multi-jurisdictional advisory service, gathering and co-ordinating advice on local laws, to help your business grow abroad, or to support you in overseas litigation. We work closely with in-house counsel with international corporations or with lawyers in private practice in foreign jurisdictions.

ELLINT (Employment and Labor Lawyers International)

Doyle Clayton is a founder member of ELLINT (Employment and Labor Lawyers International), an international network of specialist employment law firms in Europe and China: 

ELLINT offers over 200 specialist employment lawyers in 14 countries across Europe and China, and we can use our long-standing relationships for your benefit. We co-ordinate effectively, working together, and where needed we can produce single, multi-compliant documents for use in a number of jurisdictions.

We and our ELLINT colleagues not only advise multi-jurisdictional clients on employment and labor law issues, we also provide education and resources to our shared clients and contacts to assist to the greatest and most practical degree, such as giving seminars on the law of redundancy in key jurisdictions. 

Global advice

We've also developed a wider global network of preferred employment law and business immigration advisers. These include lawyer contacts in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and beyond. All trusted professionals at prestigious local law firms to ensure that our clients’ needs are fully serviced.

Examples of our international work

  • Defending clients from lawsuits embarked on simultaneously in the UK and overseas
  • Advising two well-known German multinationals on employee involvement in the formation of a Societas Europea (European Company)
  • Advising overseas businesses establishing new operations in the UK
  • Advising employee bodies, such as European Works Councils and employee forums
  • Advising an Anglo-Dutch organisation’s European Works Council on relocating to the UK
  • Representing and advising employee bodies in the context of corporate take-overs
  • Breach of contract, restrictive covenant and injunction proceedings
  • Arbitration disputes involving foreign jurisdictions held in London
  • Obtaining and co-ordinating advice from lawyers located in several different continents
  • Assisting UK clients employing staff overseas including in relation to advice on contracts, taxes and benefits

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