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Team Moves and Confidentiality - Advice for Employers

When a valued employee or team moves to a competitor, there are often sensitive and complex legal issues which you need to tackle urgently. The team may have resigned in close succession, they may have removed your confidential information and may be intending to approach your key clients.

Our team have extensive experience in the fields of employment law and High Court litigation. We are well placed to advise you about the most appropriate strategy and the available courses of action, and help you seek protection or damages in the courts.

Responses could include enforcing contractual obligations and restrictive covenants, injunctions, contempt of court proceedings, and using forensic IT specialists to recover data and evidence. This often involves working long hours and at short notice, which could be crucial when you need an injunction to prevent damage to your business.

Team Moves - Experience counts

We've acted in many significant and widely-reported team moves and post-termination restriction cases, including for:

  • An insurer in obtaining a springboard injunction which prevented a competitor from being able to approach, recruit or employee any of its employees for 10 months.
  • An insurer responding to a sales team defecting. We obtained wide-ranging injunctions against the team, which were upheld by the Court of Appeal.
  • Numerous financial services businesses in recovering unlawfully removed confidential information and enforcing post–termination restrictions.

We have particular experience of these cases in the insurance, legal, asset management, financial services, private equity, recruitment and media sectors.

We offer high quality employment law advice both to employers and to individuals. Understanding how both sides think provides us with a tactical advantage, and we are often referred work by other law firms.

Webinar on Confidential Information

Katie Mahoney (Legal Director - Doyle Clayton) and Charlotte Davies (Barrister - Littleton Chambers) provide a refresher on the types of information that can be protected, what can be done if confidential information is misused and also discuss practical ways of protecting information that is truly confidential.

Outline of Webinar

  1. What kind of information can be protected?
  2. Contractual confidentiality obligations
  3. What can be done if there has been a breach of confidentiality?
  4. Practical steps to protect confidential information
  5. Likely employee “defences” to breaching confidentiality
  6. Our combined war stories

Katie Mahoney

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‘Doyle Clayton have particular experience advising senior executives in matters involving employee competition including restrictive covenants and team moves.’

The Legal 500

Why Employers Choose Us

  • First, our reputation: we are highly rated by the legal directories, Chambers & Partners and the Legal 500
  • Secondly, we are fortunate to have worked with a wide range of businesses. This has resulted in a highly experienced team with a bank of expertise
  • Thirdly, Communication - clear and straightforward advice from the start. We make sense of the law and make sure that you understand all your options
  • Finally, we are efficient in the way that we work, resulting in a reliable and responsive service

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