Employment Contracts

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Employment contract reviews

When you start a new job it’s important your contract of employment reflects your understanding of what you’ve agreed with your new employer in terms of your remuneration package and status (employee, consultant, partner or LLP member). 

A typical employment contract will likely cover salary package, commission, profit sharing, bonus, share schemes and options, holiday allowance, health insurance, working overseas, mobility, appropriate termination provisions and restrictive covenants.

We can review any contract of employment you’re offered and provide a comprehensive report on what we find. If appropriate, we can help you negotiate better terms. We can also advise you in connection with bonus schemes, benefit terms and post-termination restrictions.

 We regularly advise on - 

  • executive service agreements
  • employment contracts
  • consultancy agreements
  • partnership agreements 
  • LLP agreements
  • non-executive appointment letters

Our employment lawyers can also act on your behalf in negotiating your contract.

Employment contract disputes

Disputes arise for any number of reasons but more often than it happens when the interpretation of a term or condition of the employment contract is unclear.

It could be when your employer wants to change the terms and conditions of your employment contract. Or perhaps when either party breaches or breaks one or more of the terms or conditions of the employment contract. As an employee, this might happen if you breach a post-termination restriction. 

Whatever the problem, our employment law solicitors are specialists, and very familiar with all aspects of employment contracts, so they’re ideally placed to advise you on any new or existing contract. We have a formidable reputation in the industry. As such, we often receive referrals from other law firms and accountants.

Our advice is pragmatic, clear and to the point. We can help you negotiate new terms, and if a contract dispute arises we can start legal proceedings on you behalf either in the Employment Tribunal or at the High Court.

To find out how we can help you, contact any of our offices below,use the contact form here or email info@doyleclayton.co.uk

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