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From unfair dismissal claims to complex discrimination and whistleblowing matters, we have an outstanding reputation for handling Employment Tribunal cases for both claimants and respondents.

Each year, we handle numerous cases for our clients and attend Employment Tribunals across the UK. We’ll help you understand the issues clearly, and give you a clear appraisal of your case’s merits and costs at an early stage. We're known for our commercial and pragmatic advice, but we’re also tenacious and will take a more aggressive approach to achieve the best possible outcome for you if that’s what is needed.

We’ll aim, wherever possible, to achieve your objectives without you needing to appear at Tribunal. With Employment Tribunals, ACAS must be involved prior to any claim being filed and this often provides an opportunity to reach an agreement. Sometimes private mediation is the answer, especially in complex discrimination cases, and at other times a sensible off-the-record approach can help to resolve matters.

However, sometimes there can be little room for compromise or delay because the stakes are high and there is little option but to hit hard and quickly by commencing legal proceedings. if this proves to be the case we’ll represent you at Employment Tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT). Our lawyers regularly act for clients in claims for:

  • unfair dismissal
  • breach of contract
  • discrimination based on sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, pregnancy and maternity, religion and belief and age
  • equal pay
  • bonuses

We’ll also advise you if you’re facing disciplinary or performance management proceedings and help you to handle grievances against your employer

High Court

We’re experienced High Court litigators, regularly acting for clients in the High Court relating to high-value bonus and wrongful dismissal claims, as well as defending restrictive covenant and confidentiality injunctions.

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