Recruiting & Hiring

The strategy and tactics of recruitment

If you’re looking to hire an employee from a competitor, the sooner you take expert legal advice, the better. That’s because both your business and the employee concerned are at risk of expensive High Court claims brought by the competitor trying to protect their business.

We’re well-known for our work in this area, particularly in the insurance broking and financial services sectors. 

You may need to bring or resist injunctions, or defend allegations of unlawful solicitation or obtaining confidential information. Whatever your position, we can advise on the strategy and tactics, and on the enforceability of restrictive covenants. If need be, we will also defend you in the High Court. 
We've acted in many significant and widely-reported case involving restrictions and team moves, including for:

  • a broker in a move of over 20 employees across the globe between two competing broking houses. The case involved proceedings in the US and UK and several anti-suit injunctions
  • an insurer responding to a sales team defecting. We obtained wide-ranging injunctions against the team, which were upheld by the Court of Appeal
  • a team of insurance brokers accused by a previous employer of removing and misusing confidential information
  • a recruitment organisation following allegations made by a competitor for inducing a breach of contract

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