Supporting EU/EEA Employees Through Brexit

Protecting workers' status

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The rights of EEA/EU nationals to live and work in the UK are currently in a state of flux while the UK negotiates leaving the European Union. 

Protecting Your Right to Work Status

It’s probable that EEA/EU nationals already here will need to get documents showing their right to work – most likely a registration certificate or permanent residence card. Where possible, others could apply to become naturalised British citizens. Our Business Immigration team can help your EEA/EU workforce with these applications and we strongly recommend they protect their residency status. 

Employing EU Nationals

Businesses wanting to employ EU nationals may need to sponsor them in the same way as workers from outside Europe. If you don't already have a sponsor licence from the Home Office, consider applying for one if you'd like the flexibility to employ EU nationals once the UK leaves the EU. We can help you with this.

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