Notarisation of German Documents

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Posted on 24 Aug 2020

Notarisation of German Documents

Our Experience – Your Success!

Remember Brexit? With this huge change in mind, many companies are expanding their business into various parts of mainland Europe. One of the most sought-after countries for this seems to be Germany – located in the heart of Europe with a thriving and resilient economy. 

Expanding to the German market is appealing for many reasons – but keep in mind that Germany also has one of the strictest legal systems. Regulations are abundant and can be complex to apply. 

Our in-depth knowledge of the German legal system and German notarial requirements make us the ideal partner to assist you with this process. Our Team includes experts, trained in Germany and specialising in notarial procedures in relation to corporate processes of all kind. We can translate your documents in-house from English to German and vice versa and correspond for you with German authorities, law firms, etc. Once we have notarised your documents, we can also arrange for them to be apostilled – commonly required for documents to be used in Germany. All services in one place, as simple as possible.

Of course, our expertise is not limited to just one country – our team is handling enquiries for documents for use around the world on a daily basis and is able to help with all your questions. 

So, whether your business is looking to expand, generally do business abroad or you simply need a power of attorney to avoid having to travel during this ongoing pandemic – we are here to help!

We have offices in London and Reading where we can meet you to discuss and help you with your enquiry. In addition, we offer notary public services in Marlow and Oxford and surrounding area.

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