Finally, key tech roles added to shortage occupation list

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Posted on 08 Oct 2019

The Home Office has recently made wide-ranging changes to the shortage occupation list, particularly within the tech industry.

For Certificates of Sponsorship issued on/after 6 October 2019,  all job roles in the following SOC codes are now on the list, not just particular job titles or within particular industries, as previously:

  • 2126 Design and development engineers                                             
  • 2127 Production and process engineers                                                 
  • 2129 Engineering professionals not elsewhere classified                
  • 2135 IT business analysts, architects and systems designers         
  • 2136 Programmers and software development professionals     
  • 2137 Web design and development professionals        

Other codes have also been included, within the artistic/creative, financial, education and science sectors. 

As a result, employers will no longer have to advertise any jobs in these SOC codes in accordance with resident labour market test requirements, speeding up the recruitment process. 

At the same time, some codes were removed from the list as they are no longer deemed to be in shortage in the UK.

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