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Posted on 05 May 2016

Academy Conversion for Schools

Fixed Fee Academy Conversion Services for Schools

Doyle Clayton's education team will provide your school with a comprehensive support package for a fixed fee. The service will be delivered by lawyers who specialise in this sector.

Our Academy conversion service includes:


  • We will draft the Memorandum and Articles of Association as part of the incorporation of your Academy Trust.


  • We will advise you about the obligations to transfer the staff under TUPE including the information and consultation process.

Commercial Support

  • We will draft and negotiate the funding agreement with the DfE and the Commercial Transfer Agreement with the local authority. 

Land arrangements

  • We will coordinate the drafting and negotiating of the terms of the land transfer/lease and will oversee the post completion matters such as registration of the interest at the Land Registry.

Statutory Consultation

  • We will give practical guidance in relation to the statutory consultation process.

Pensions Advice

  • We will give advice on the pension obligations the Academy Trust will have in relation to its staff.

Fixed fees

  • Although fees will vary depending on school size and complexity of the transaction, we will be able to provide you with a fixed fee giving you transparency and confidence in the knowledge that you will know at the outset exactly what your legal fees will be to convert to Academy status.


  • The Government suggest that most conversions can be carried out within 3-4 months. We will work with you to plan the stages of the transaction and help you draw up a timetable 
  • Please click here for the DfE’s deadlines
  • Please click here for an example of a timetable with recommended steps

Further information

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