UKVI Online Application Service Extended

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Posted on 20 Oct 2014

A new online application service for customers applying to enter or remain in the UK is being extended, following its launch earlier this year. 

The UK Visa & Immigration Online Application Service is being extended to Tier 2 customers applying via the Standard 8-week Route. It will be possible to apply for, or switch to, Tier 2 Leave to Remain online using the new Service rather than a paper form. 

The Online Service will be available to the following Tier 2 customers: 

  • Single applicants, dependant joiners and family groups; 
  • Priority Service customers (most applicants receive a decision within 10 working days) 
  • Standard route customers (most applicants receive a decision within 8 weeks) 
  • Customers in the Premium Sponsor scheme. 

The Service is being released in phases: 

  • From Monday 6th October Priority Service customers already able to use the new Service (see below) can also use the Service to switch to Tier 2 or to switch Tier 2 employers; 
  • Later in October customers in the Premium Sponsor scheme and Tier 2 Standard (8-week) Route customers will also be able to use the Service; and 
  • From December Tier 2 customers applying as a family group will be able to use the Service. 

The Online Service is being offered in parallel with existing application routes, such as the paper application form. However, customers will be encouraged to use the new Online Service where possible.

The Online Service is expected to make the in country Tier 2 application process simpler and more user-friendly, and includes: 

  • Fewer, more intuitive questions logically ordered based on customer feedback; 
  • Payment integrated into the online application process; 
  • A single online application form for family groups; 
  • The ability to save and return to complete the application at a later date; and 
  • The date of application is the date submitted online. 

The Online Service is also expected to improve service levels thanks to: 

  • System validation, meaning customer errors and omissions are less likely; 

  • Electronic (instant) delivery of the application form to UKVI instead of postal delivery; and 
  • A shorter, more logically ordered application form.

  • The Online Service was launched in February 2014 for in-country applications from Tier 2 Priority Service customers applying to extend their leave to remain and was extended to dependant joiners applying separately in May 2014. From June 2014 customers in China have been able to use the Service as an alternative to the Visa4UK website to apply for a general, business or child Visit visa. 

    The Service will continue to be rolled out and in the near future (timescales yet to be confirmed) will be available to Tier 5 dependant joiners applying separately. It will also become available to Premium Service customers, where most applicants receive a decision on the same day. 

    Should your business require further information about this, you can contact our business immigration team.

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