Doyle Clayton is UK Member of ELLINT an International Network Specialising in Employment Law

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Posted on 16 May 2013

Doyle Clayton has joined forces with six European employment law firms to form ELLINT (Employment & Labor Lawyers International), an international network specialising in employment law. 

With over 100 lawyers operating in at least six languages (English being the common language), across 12 cities covering Europe’s key economic centres, it is one of the largest such networks.

Peter Doyle, senior partner of Doyle Clayton said: “The ELLINT network will provide efficient and co-ordinated services for international employment law matters affecting companies and their human resources teams. It reflects the evolving requirements of clients, many of whom increasingly are looking for law firms to advise on employment issues involving several jurisdictions. 

“A good example of this is collective consultation matters, whether arising on redundancy or otherwise. Once we tended to be called to advise on purely domestic aspects, but now it typically involves several countries.”

“By bringing together leading employment specialist firms, ELLINT combines strong specialist expertise with the benefits of personal partner-led service. We have taken the time to work with the partners in the other member firms on our clients’ behalf, and we are delighted to have found colleagues in other jurisdictions who value our clients as much as we do.” 

ELLINT ( brings together:

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