SEND and EHC Plans - Advice for Parents and Carers

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Posted on 22 Jul 2021

SEND and EHC Plans - Advice for Parents and Carers

SEND and EHC Plans : What you need to know 

In our first joint webinar with SL Therapy, Amara and Sarah focus on SEND support for your child. Using a case study as a real-life example and bringing together legal and clinical experience, the webinar will cover the key areas of:

•    The basics of special educational needs and disability (SEND).
•    SEND law, processes and procedures – how to get an EHC plan for your child.

Aimed at parents of children with SEND, the webinar will enable you to:

•    Understand SEND law and statutory guidance.
•    Understand the education, health and care assessment and planning procedure.
•    Understand the duties of the school and the local authority to pupils with SEND.

We share top tips and strategies to help you navigate common pitfalls. This webinar will help you to work collaboratively with your school, the local authority and the clinical commissioning group and secure an EHC Plan for your child.

Interested in a particular area? Find the answer easily without watching the whole webinar (times are approx)

1. Minutes 0 - 1:30. Introduction & what we will cover 

2. Minutes 1:30 - 3:20. Case study part 1, Josephine

3. Minutes 3:20 - 5:45. Important terms and definitions

4. Minutes 5:45 - 6:45. What is send provision?

5. Minutes 6:45 - 7:45. Health & social care provision

6. Minutes 7:45 - 11:20. EHC needs assessment 

7. Minutes 11:20 - 12:15. The education health and care assessment

8. Minutes 12:15 - 14:20. Will my child get an EHC plan?

9. Minutes 14:20 - 16.20. EHC plan timetable & key requirements

10. Minutes 16:20 - 23:40. What does an EHC Plan cover?

11. Minutes 23:40 - 28:10. Case study part 2, Josephine’s EHC plan and section F

12. Minutes 28.10 - 31:20. Naming a school in an EHC plan section I

13. Minutes 31:20 - 34:00. Case study part 3, Josephine’s SEND appeal

14. Minutes 34:00 - 35:00. Funding from the local authority

15. Minutes 35:00 - 37:00. Case study part 4, Josephine’s funding from the local Authority

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Amara Ahmad

Amara is one of the UK’s leading specialist education and children’s law solicitors. An expert in special educational needs (SEND) and safeguarding she works closely with parents, schools, and charities to ensure that children and young people receive the support that they need to reach their potential in education.

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