World Cup Workplace Issues

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Posted on 02 Jun 2014

Acas has issued guidance for employers to help them deal with issues they may face as the World Cup approaches.

Acas is urging employers to start talking to employees now so as to manage expectations and minimise the impact of the World Cup on workplace productivity. 

Acas encourages employers to:

  • Be flexible, for example by altering start and finish times and allowing longer lunch breaks so staff can watch games during the working day;
  • Be clear about what is expected from employees in terms of attendance and performance;
  • Start talking to staff early on about managing leave and working hours;
  • Be honest about how changes to working practices will be managed and give reasons if changes are not possible; and
  • Be fair about the way they respond to requests for time off.

The World Cup starts on Thursday 12 June and ends on Sunday 13 July, with England’s first match on Saturday 14 June.  However, with a five hour time difference many matches will be played late at night UK time, meaning that the World Cup may have less of an impact on the workplace than in previous years.  

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