Statutory sick pay: employees can self-certify for 28 days

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Posted on 21 Dec 2021

Statutory sick pay: employees can self-certify for 28 days

The Government has introduced a temporary change to the statutory sick pay rules which allows employees to self-certify for up to 28 days’ absence.

Employees are normally able to self-certify for sickness absences of up to 7 days. The Government has increased this temporarily so that employees can self-certify for absences of up to 28 days. The change applies to employees whose period of sickness absence begins at any point between 10 December 2021 and 26 January 2022. These employees will only need a fit note from a doctor if they are off sick for more than 28 days.   

The Government has updated its guidance to reflect the change. 

The change is intended to increase GP capacity to support the COVID-19 vaccine booster programme by reducing the need for employees to visit their GP to obtain a fit note for statutory sick pay purposes.

For absences beginning after 26 January employees will need a fit note after 7 days of absence. 

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