SME Safety Wizard App Launched

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Posted on 23 Feb 2015

A new app has been developed designed to help small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) meet their health and safety requirements. 

The free-to-download Safety Wizard app is drawn directly from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Toolbox guidance and offers SMEs a solution to help navigate the vast array of health and safety information.

The app, developed by RNF Digital Innovation, gives the user access to straightforward advice on the most common health and safety hazards and shows how SMEs can take practical steps to control the risks in their workplace.

There is also advice on working environments and on the most common causes of accidents with helpful dos and don’ts. There are also sections on the most common hazards such as electricity, gas, manual handling and harmful substances, as well as simple risk assessment tools.

Further information on the App can be found here

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