Shared Parental Leave and Pay: Employers’ Technical Guide Published

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Posted on 02 Oct 2014

The Government has published a technical guide to shared parental leave and pay which is aimed at employers.

The guidance contains:

  • a summary of the new rights;
  • an explanation of how the shared parental leave and pay system works;
  • details of eligibility criteria;
  • an explanation of how to end maternity or adoption leave or pay in order to enter the shared parental leave system;
  • details of how shared parental leave and pay can be taken;
  • details of arrangements for “booking” shared parental leave and pay;
  • information about changing shared parental leave plans; and
  • a set of Frequently Asked Questions.

Shared parental leave and pay will be available in respect of babies due to be born or placed for adoption on or after 5 April 2015. 

The Employers’ Technical Guide to Shared Parental Leave and Pay can be viewed here.

The latest guidance supplements the more basic guidance issued in August. 

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