Revised Codes of Practice on Ballots and Picketing

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Posted on 15 Dec 2016

Two revised Codes of Practice have been published to reflect changes to laws on industrial action ballots and picketing that will be introduced by the Trade Union Act 2016. 

 The changes to the Code of Practice on Industrial Action Ballots and Notices to Employers concern:

• ballot turnouts and support;• the information that must be included on ballot papers; • the information that must be given to employers; • the notice that must be given regarding the start of industrial action; and• the time within that action must be taken.

The changes to the Code of Practice on Picketing relate to the new requirement for unions to appoint a picket supervisor.

Both Codes will come into force on a date to be advised, when the corresponding provisions of the Trade Union Act 2016 come into force.

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