Religion and Belief Issues: EHRC Calls for Evidence

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Posted on 21 Aug 2014

The Equality and Human Right Commission has asked individuals and organisations to provide information about how their religion or belief or that of other people may have affected their experiences in the workplace. 

The information provided will be used to assess how employers are taking religion and belief into account and the impact this has on individuals. The EHRC is looking at all religions and beliefs, the issues people face and how they find solutions. 

It will also use the information received as part of its work looking at how effective the current discrimination legislation is proving in practice. 

The EHRC wants to hear about both negative and positive experiences since 2010, including:

  • How religion or belief has affected the recent experiences of job applicants, employees or customers; 
  • Whether people who hold a religion or belief are aware of their legal rights and if appropriate information and guidance is available to them;
  • Views on the effectiveness of current equality and human rights legislation on religion or belief; and
  • The recent experiences of employers when these issues arise in the workplace.

Responses to the call for evidence are required by mid-October.

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