Number of new and expectant mothers forced to leave jobs has doubled

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Posted on 05 Sep 2016

The Women and Equalities Committee is calling for improved pregnancy and maternity protections as its new report reveals that the number of new and expectant mothers forced to leave their jobs has almost doubled since 2005. 

The Women and Equalities Committee report recommends that UK women be given protections similar to those in Germany where from the beginning of pregnancy until four months following childbirth, employers can only dismiss in very rare circumstances and need government approval to do so. 

The Report also recommends:

  • a substantial reduction in the £1,200 fee for women taking pregnancy-related claims to the employment tribunal;
  • extending the time limit for bringing pregnancy-related discrimination claims from three months to six months; 
  • that assurances should be given that there will be no erosion of rights and protections as a result of the uncertainty following the vote to leave the European Union;
  • increased protection for casual, agency and zero-hours workers; and
  • protection from redundancy until six months after a return to work.
  • The Government has said that it will respond to the report “in due course”.

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