Legalisation changes affecting documents for use in Brazil, Morocco and Chile

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Posted on 24 Aug 2016

Brazil and Morocco joined the Hague Convention on 14 August. Chile will also join the Hague Convention on 30 August. With effect from the date each country joins the Convention, documents for use in that country will only require an Apostille (issued by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office). Legalisation at the consulate of the relevant country will no longer be required.

What will this mean for people having documents legalised for use in such countries?

This is good news as it means that documents ought to be turned around much quicker now that they only need to go to one place (the Foreign & Commonwealth Office) as opposed to two - the FCO and the relevant consulate, as was the case before.

Any teething issues?

It remains to be seen how well informed the recipients of documents in these foreign countries are. After India signed up the the Hague Convention it took several years before some parties in India became aware of this fact and stopped requesting documents to be stamped by the Indian High Commission in addition to being Apostilled.

What to do next?

If you are unsure what form of legalisation you require feel free to get in touch with Sukhpal Matharoo on either 0118 9596839 or

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