How to Fake Yourself a Fit Note

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Posted on 01 Jul 2010

Fake fit notes can be bought online. What can you do to combat this?

It seems that you can buy anything on the internet, including fake fit notes, which have been circulating on the internet for only £10.  The website openly sells authentic looking fit notes, and as a result, employers are being warned that some employees may try to use them to claim contractual or statutory sick pay. 

If you are concerned that an employee has provided a fake sick note then, depending on the circumstances, it may be wise to refer the individual to an independent Occupational Health Advisor or Doctor.  Alternatively, employers could check with the issuing GP in order to verify its legitimacy.  Further, it would be prudent to warn all employees now that if anyone is found using a fraudulent fit note, this may result in disciplinary action

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