Early Conciliation – Does Acas Know Who to Contact in Your Organisation?

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Posted on 12 May 2014

Acas is compiling a list of HR contacts in larger organisations so that it knows who to contact for the purposes of early conciliation. 

From 6 May, anyone wishing to bring a tribunal claim against their employer has to contact Acas, who will offer the opportunity to use its early conciliation service. When contacting Acas, the claimant has to provide the name and address of the employer, but they do not have to specify a contact name at the employer. In order facilitate early conciliation, Acas is putting together a list of points of contact in larger organisations to ensure that it contacts the correct person. 

Organisations can obtain more details by contacting ECContactsList@acas.org.uk. It is understood that the contact list is aimed primarily at employers with 1,000 plus employees, but smaller employers who are interested in this option should also contact Acas for further information.

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