Applications open for employment tribunal fee refunds

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Posted on 16 Nov 2017

All those eligible for a refund of employment tribunal fees can now apply.   

Individual claimants who have not changed their name since they made their claim and have a UK bank account can apply online for a refund of employment tribunal and employment appeal tribunal fees. Otherwise applicants have to complete a form and send it by post or email.     

There are separate forms for claimants and respondents. Refunds are not available if the party has already been reimbursed by another party pursuant to a tribunal order.  However, there does not appear to be anything which precludes a claimant from applying for a refund where their employer has reimbursed the fees under the terms of a settlement agreement and the employer does not appear to be able to apply for a refund of fees it has reimbursed, save where it was ordered to do so by the tribunal.    

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