148 People Killed at Work Provisional Figures Reveal

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Posted on 02 Jan 2014

The latest provisional figures show that the number of deaths across Great Britain fell last year, with 148 people killed at work in 2012/13, compared to 171 deaths during 2011/12. More than 20,600 workers also suffered a major injury in 2012/13, representing a 10.8 percent drop on the previous year. 

High-risk industries include construction which saw 39 deaths last year, agriculture with 29 deaths, manufacturing with 20 deaths and waste and recycling with 10 deaths – making up over two-thirds of all workplace deaths in Great Britain during 2012/13.

Continual Improvement - Actions within the workplace to reduce incidents

Continually ensure improvements are made on a daily basis:

  • Ensure you have a robust bespoke health and safety management system containing appropriate policies and procedures that is implemented and managed;
  • Have access to competent health and safety advice;
  • Regular planned proactive monitoring of different aspects of the workplace helps identify areas for improvements;
  • Foster a safety culture where personnel feel empowered to report near miss, incidents and dangerous occurrences;
  • Record an investigation of all near miss, incidents and dangerous occurrences;
  • Analyse all safety data to understand trends within the workplace;
  • Provide regular instruction, information and training to all personnel to ensure they remain competent in carrying out their roles and responsibilities;
  • Record safe systems of work and risk assessments on all work activities;
  • Ensure planned preventative maintenance on all plant, machinery and equipment; and
  • Communication and cooperation are key to everyone working together in a safe manner.

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