Safeguarding in Schools

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Posted on 10 Jun 2016

For all schools the issue of safeguarding remains a priority and the importance of ensuring your pupils are safe and are seen to be safe can never be underestimated.

Our specialist team of education lawyers will provide your school with the support you need on all aspects of safeguarding to help you ensure you are on top of your safeguarding duties. 

We can provide you with advice and support when safeguarding issues occur as well as help you update your safeguarding policy. We can provide training for your staff,  carry out audits and prepare you for inspection. We also manage non-urgent safeguarding issues such as parental requests for disclosure of safeguarding files.

Included in our safeguarding service we provide regular updates relating to changes in the law and any new legal duties. We will also help you deal with areas of safeguarding concern, such as radicalisation and extremism, child sexual exploitation, forced marriage and FGM.

We can help you by:
  • Advising you on managing allegations against staff
  • Supporting you at strategy meetings 
  • Drafting statements for the press, parent and pupils.
  • Helping you handle disclosures 
  • Discharging your legal duty to refer staff conduct to the DBS.
  • Advising and helping you manage risk for information disclosed on a DBS check.

For More Information

Please contact Simon Henthorn at or call him on 020 7329 9090

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