Military reservists returning to work will be eligible for furlough

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Posted on 17 Jun 2020

The Government has announced that military reservists returning to work in the coming months after completing a period of active duty will be eligible for the job retention scheme. Employers will be able to furlough them and claim a grant under the scheme, even if they have not been on furlough for a full three week prior to 30 June.   

From 1 July, employers can only furlough employees they have previously furloughed for a full three week period between 1 March and 30 June. This means any employees who had not previously been furloughed had to be furloughed by 10 June in order to be eligible going forwards. 

The exception announced for military reservists follows another exception announced for those returning from maternity and other parental leave. As with that exception, it is likely it will only apply to employers who have previously used the scheme to furlough other employees. 

Further details will be provided in updated guidance, expected next week.  

For further information on furlough and the introduction of flexible furlough from 1 July, click here

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