Coronavirus job retention scheme portal set to open for applications on 20 April

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Posted on 09 Apr 2020

HMRC has provided further information about the launch of the online portal for applying for grants under the coronavirus job retention scheme.  

The information was provided yesterday by senior members of HMRC giving evidence to the Parliamentary Treasury Committee.  They confirmed that:

  • The portal is due to open for applications on 20 April and the first payments should be made by 30 April
  • They are aiming to get money into accounts within 4-6 working days of the claim
  • HMRC are expecting most employers will put in their claims within the first couple of days 
  • The system will be open 24/7 and there will be a queuing system
  • HMRC have been carrying out live testing of the system. They are confident the system can cope with the volume of applications expected
  • A guidance document on compiling claims will be available in the next week so employers can get their claims ready for 20 April
  • For employers who run their payroll weekly, they will be able to claim weekly
  • Employers will only be able to make one claim per pay period (weekly or monthly)
  • Employers will be able to make a claim up to 14 days ahead

They also confirmed:

  • HMRC will seek to recover money paid out to employers if they were not entitled to it
  • If an employer knowingly tries to defraud HMRC they will look to use criminal penalties
  • They will risk assess claims now and have the ability to stop high risk payments from going out before they have been checked
  • HMRC will also be able to check claims after payments have been made under the scheme
  • There will be a hotline which employees can use to report employers who are requiring them them to work 

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