Helping Great Britain work well 2016

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Posted on 20 Mar 2016

The HSE has launched the Helping Great Britain work well engagement programme. There are 6 key areas that the HSE outlines in this programme:

  • Acting together: Promoting broader ownership of health and safety in Great Britain.
  • Tackling ill health: Highlighting and tackling the costs of work-related ill health.
  • Managing risk well: Simplifying risk management and helping business to grow.
  • Supporting small employers: Giving SMEs simple advice so they know what they have to do.
  • Keeping pace with change: Anticipating and tackling new health and safety challenges.
  • Sharing our success: Promoting the benefits of Great Britain’s world-class health and safety system.
  • The document includes a case study for each of these areas to demonstrate how each key area has been and can be done. 

    Helping Great Britain work well 2016 can be found on the HSE website

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