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The People Consultancy one-stop shop.

The expertise and practical hands-on experience of our People Consultants is unmatched. They have all worked in senior HR roles for many of the best known and most innovative organisations. All have personally led the transformation of HR into effective business partnering teams putting people development at the centre of sustained growth and success.

Expert help and assistance is provided across the full breadth of people management and related issues, with the ability to quickly understand a business and the challenges and opportunities it faces. Whether we are supporting you with a grievance hearing, talking to you about your people strategy, or helping you set up your HR systems we have been there and delivered it, and probably printed the range of t-shirts to prove it!

To meet some of our People Consultants please click here.

How we differ

  • All of our People Consultants have considerable practical experience of supporting clients across industries, both in the UK and internationally and at all levels. You only ever get a proven expert
  • We know that every client is different and that a tailored solution will be needed
  • We are all passionate about what we do, making a difference to your business
  • We draw on specialist expertise from the highly experienced members of the firm's legal, pensions, regulatory and immigration teams to provide you with a truly one stop shop solution

How we can help

Whether you are developing your workforce for tomorrow’s needs, transforming your organisation for the future or focusing on attracting and retaining the best talent, we are here to help you.

With experience delivering maximum return on investment from people across all sectors and company sizes, our team will work seamlessly with you to provide the best and most cost effective solution for your needs.

Coaching and mentoring

Our People Consultants act as executive coaches and mentors, sharing that expertise to help with the continuing professional development and impact of any internal HR service.  

Employee life-cycle HR 

We can provide support for the full employee life cycle - from on-boarding and talent retention through to handling employee relations issues such as conducting investigations hearing grievances or providing mediation for clients.
Couple this with support and advice on everyday HR matters such as user-friendly template letters, toolkits, contracts, policies and procedures and clients have a full HR support service.

Start-ups and SMEs

Start-ups - our HR Services team can help you get started from hiring your first employee through to promoting your first manager. We will support you with contracts and policies that reflect your business style and start to build your unique employer brand. 

We can work with you on benefits and pensions, and help you get the right plans in place at the right time for your business.
We will be your HR team, understanding your business, being available on the phone, via email or in person to answer your questions, advise you on your options and help you grow and retain your talent.
A recent example - we love helping start-ups, the ideas you have and the energy involved is amazing. But so often future success is built on having the right people structure in place. We have helped one client with contracts, offers, job descriptions and agency terms, so that they had the infrastructure they needed in place and also the right people in roles to get them off the ground.  

Often though we are a sounding board, bouncing “people” issues backwards and forwards, one question that regularly comes up is “should I hire my best friend”?  While the answer varies depending on the skills and experience of the person, there are two points we always make - firstly, hire the best person for the job - which means you need to look at a number of candidates! Secondly, if you hire your best friend, how would you feel if at some point you have to let them go?

Interim HR support
There are times when our clients need additional help in their HR teams, a resource that can hit the ground running and step into an acquisition or merger process, handle a redundancy situation or support a performance management process. We can step in and fill these gaps flexibly and quickly, getting up to speed on your business operation and what you need. Currently our Consulting HR Directors are providing HR support to a range of clients on both an ongoing as well as a project basis.

Project work

As examples, we have helped clients implement cost-effective new incentives and benefits by managing all consultation, communication and getting everyone to agree to the new arrangements, ensuring the roll out runs smoothly, with full buy-in and visible kudos.
So, regardless of your organisation size, and whether you are local, national or international, we can help you get the best out of your most important assets, your people!

Areas of expertise include 

Employee relations 

Grievances, disciplinary hearings, investigations and dismissals

Handling grievance and disciplinary issues, and investigating confidential whistle blowing or other allegations takes time and resources whether or not you have an in-house HR team. We are able to step in to your business and independently conduct investigations. From reviewing documentation to interviewing the individuals concerned or managing the hearing and protecting you from expensive claims. A full investigation report with clear recommendations and improvement action plans is always included to help with any further hearings and dispute resolution.

We know from experience how involved these types of investigations can be. So when HR is already time pressed and needs to focus on critical business issues, being able to hand investigations to an independent team ensures your team isn't swamped and also is seen to be objective and unbiased.  

Redundancies, restructures and organisation design

As organisations grow and adapt to market developments there are times when the current structure and roles no longer meet the business needs. Working closely with you we can help clarify and define the structure you need and support you through the change process. We  can help you with everything from collective consultation requirements to coaching your managers and attending meetings with those employees potentially affected, as well as  developing the best communication strategy to ensure a positive environment and maximum talent retention.

TUPE - mergers, acquisitions and integrations 

With a wide range of experience in TUPE transfers and integrations we can help conduct employee focused due diligence exercises and carry out the consultation process working with you to ensure the successful integration of the new teams. In fact, we often find that the integration plans can cause the most challenge and pain for the business with loss of critical talent and knowledge affecting the success of the transfer. Ensuring there is a robust and widely understood plan, and that part of this incorporates and acknowledges the differing cultures and work environments will make a significant difference in retaining key people following a merger or acquisition.

A recent example is a large technology client that was acquiring of a small team of software developers.  Critical to our client was the ability to retain the individuals who had the knowledge and expertise of the software, yet they were also aware that their size and structure could be seen negatively by the employees, due to their original desire to be part of a small independent and flexible business. 

One of our People Consultants supported them through the acquisition process, including conducting the employee due diligence, and then worked closely with the senior members of the acquisition team on both sides to understand the concerns. They helped develop a plan to keep the new entity at arms length from the client, putting in place an experienced programme manager, to be the interface between the two businesses for an agreed time (in this case 6 to 12 months) and support a gradual transition.

The result was a successful acquisition, retention of the team and a successfully integration.

Hiring - recruitment and selection

Bringing the right people into your business, people with potential as well as experience, who will grow your culture and not just fit into it, makes a significant difference to your results. This can be a major challenge and often organisations don't have sufficient systems and processes in place to reduce the risks involved and or ensure that the best candidates are taken on and successfully integrated.

The result is often not only expensive in terms of recruitment fees and training costs but also unwelcome disruption and additional work for existing teams and team members covering gaps.

Our team can help you realign your talent goals - whether that's helping identify your top talent, reduce your employee turnover or improve your hiring success levels, we can support you through the process and develop solutions that work for your business.

A recent example was a software company with a particularly thorough seven stage interview process, which was struggling to hire and retain the right talent. Attracting applicants was a challenge, and once candidates were hired there was a high chance they would leave within six months.  

Understanding the reasons for the issue was critical, and discussions with the leadership team identified two main issues:

  • Poor employer brand and reputation, resulting in limited candidate applicants
  • Perception that many previous hires had not been successful - resulting in the General Manager's reluctance to delegate hiring decisions

We designed a shorter more focused process, including screening, first manager interviews and final presentation interview. We also built an interview scoring template to record evidence of skills and experience.

In addition managers were coached to broaden their search parameters for candidates and look at other sectors and roles with transferable skills. This immediately broadened the candidate pool.

The new process enabled the company to find out more about the candidates and their fit for the role and culture, sped up the recruitment process and built confidence in decision making processes. The time frame for interviewing (from end to end) was reduced from 10 weeks to three. Candidates accepted positions at the offer stage and the turnover of employees in the first six months more than halved.


Talent management

Making sure that you attract, hire, develop and retain the best talent for your business is essential for success and growth. In many rapidly expanding organisations the process develops organically with decisions made by the founders and senior managers and an inherent understanding of what is needed. However, as companies grow, the managers making decisions on talent are often distanced from the original senior management resulting in hiring choices focusing on role specific needs and becoming separated from the overall business strategy and culture.  

Understanding your organisation's capabilities seems like an obvious requirement, but with focusing on results, customers, managing issues and chasing payments, it often falls towards the bottom of the list when it comes to management time and resources.

Our team can help you identify your critical employees and capabilities within teams, and support you with retaining key people and developing solutions to fill any gaps with any skills and experience gaps that are identified.

Helping clients understand the levels of skill within key parts of their business is a common request.  Sometimes this relates to succession planning, but often it relates to supporting change within the organisation. As one client was transitioning to a digital sales model, they wanted to understand the level of skills and experience in their sales teams around the new solutions. We worked with them to identify the new competencies, and developed a heat map that they could use to capture the individual competence levels. This enabled us to identify their team's strengths and weaknesses and corresponding gaps. The outcome was targeted training and coaching, and the ability to recruit new hires in with skills and experience to fill some of the gaps, and in turn coach and mentor existing team members.

Employee engagement
You have great talent and you want to ensure they’re fully engaged with your business. We understand the benefits and challenges of ensuring your employees are fully engaged. Engaged employees deliver more for your business they stay longer and are happier and healthier. We can help you build your strategy in a practical approach to see your company and culture. From running employee surveys to helping you define and communicate your values and strategy, we can partner with you to develop a solution that works.

Wellbeing and mental health

With the cost of sickness absence within the workplace escalating each year, we are finding more and more clients looking to implement solutions to support the wellbeing, both physical and mental, of their employees.

From designing and running wellbeing weeks, to helping design mental health policies and plans for clients, our team can help you identify and implement the right solution for your business.

Smaller businesses and start-ups tend to operate with an inherent flexibility and balance which can be lost as they grow. Larger companies can invest money in resources, yet can lack the flexibility within their culture to embrace wellness as a benefit to their business at a practical level. 

Whatever your size, or budget, we can help you identify what you need in your wellness strategy and help you deliver it.

We are passionate about wellbeing within our own business and love opportunities to help clients with their plans. A recent example involved designing and running a wellbeing week for a client. This included everything from yoga classes, to health checks and encouraged walking meetings, cycle to work programs and mindfulness sessions. 

We have also researched and implemented EAP schemes and mental health training for a number of our clients.   

HR documentation and compliance

Getting your HR paperwork up to date is a chore very few growing organisations prioritise. From having the right contract in place, to making sure your right to work checks will keep you out of the courts, having the systems and paperwork in place will make your life easier and support your business as you grow.
We can review your current HR systems and documentation and advise you on the gaps and changes you need to make to ensure you are compliant. We can also provide policies, templates and processes that will improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of your HR administration and ready for any eventuality.
Recent example - while HR audits don’t sound like the most exciting of topics, we often find that we can quickly identify and resolve issues for clients. One of these resulted in implementing right to work checks for a small client, and has been followed up with a simple handbook and policy manual. They handbook has been well received by the clients team members who now have the information they need in one place and in a simple to follow format. The handbook was tailored to their needs and style and is easily updatable. 

To meet or get in touch with some of our People Consultants please click here.

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