Executive Coaching & Professional Mentoring

Making a real difference ……

Whether you are looking for a professional HR mentor or an executive coach for members of your senior leadership team, our specialist Consulting HR Directors will be able to help
. Our team of experienced executive coaches and fully-qualified CIPD professional mentors work with individuals and teams to help them realise their full potential and ensure successful life-long learning.

We have successfully helped chief executives, managing directors, partners, board members, senior executives and hi-potential employees from a wide range of businesses and who have achieved exceptional results and ROI through focussing on relationships and engagement to improve performance and productivity. Our coaches also work with executives wanting to coach people in their own organisations so that they are able to effectively cascade experience and expertise and to develop their own learning cultures. 

We know that every business and every team is different, and so are we. We will work with you to leverage those differences, to plan your development and provide that objective sounding board and supportive helping hand. Please click here to meet some our experienced coaches and professional mentors who have worked successfully with both individuals and teams.

  • Bringing open minds and a fresh perspective
  • Unlocking barriers, pinpointing needs, creating clear goals and delivering practical personal development plans
  • Ensuring that the culture, commercial challenges and potential opportunities that make you and your business unique are understood and used creatively 
  • Appreciating and understanding the conflicting emotions people have and the pressure it brings when failure is not an option and everyone expects you to have all the answers 
  • Carefully tailoring our coaching approach to your needs 
  • Delivering tangible, measurable results. Always

Where coaching and/or mentoring can make a real difference ……

  • Members of senior leadership teams can still need advice and guidance in dealing with shareholders, stakeholders or non-executive boards of trustees or shareholders. We can help with coaching people to develop and harness these relationships.
  • 360 feedback, senior executive and non-executive performance reviews, skills audits and development plans are all areas where we have worked successfully with CEOs, chairs and directors to maximise performance and improve teamwork.  
  • Senior professionals and high-performers who have developed their specialist technical or functional expertise without moving into management positions can still need practical leadership skills to meet changing organisational requirements or take on wider team responsibilities as they continue to progress through their careers. We can help these talented and knowledgeable individuals within your organisation to develop the required leadership skills so that they develop further within your business.
  • Internal promotions into management roles where people go from being part of a team to managing people previously their peers is often difficult. We can coach these individuals through this transition, helping them understand the balance between teamwork and leadership and providing support and assistance as they take on new responsibilities and deal with their team in a new way.
  • Returners to work following an extended period of absence often find this transition difficult and require additional support to settle back into work and reintegrate.  We can provide a safe space for them to share concerns and rebuild their confidence, get the balance right, and flourish within your organisation.

Please click here to find out more about our Consulting HR Directors and here to find out more about our other HR Consulting Services including -

  • Employee life-cycle HR
  • Start-up and SME HR support
  • Interim HR support
  • HR project work

Or how we can help with - 

  • Employee relations (grievances, disciplinary hearings, investigations and dismissals  l redundancies, restructures and organisational design  l  TUPE - mergers, acquisitions and integrations)
  • Hiring - recruitment and selection
  • Talent management
  • Employee engagement
  • Wellbeing and mental health
  • HR documentation and compliance

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