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Safeguarding your business

Employers, need good legal advice. It goes without saying. Not only to help protect your organisation, your workforce, and your reputation, but also to save you money. 

At Doyle Clayton, we specialise in employment law, as well as providing help and legal advice for all workplace-related issues. We work with small, medium and large sized employers, as well as start-ups and businesses looking to set up and establish themselves in the UK. We also help UK and other businesses operating internationally including China with their employment and other related legal needs.

Do we have real sector expertise? The answer is yes - and due to the nature of our work we advise across all sectors. From financial services to pharma. From retail to manufacturing and engineering. And from business and professional services to media, logistics and education.

For the last 20 years, alongside organisations we have continued to advise senior individuals, providing a unique insight into the broad people and connected issues that HR teams regularly face. And as many of our lawyers have worked directly for employers both in HR as well as legal and other senior management roles we have skills and experience on hand that many law firm employment teams working solely for employers simply don't have. Is this important? For many of our clients the answer is yes, as well as for the law firms that regularly recommend their clients - both organisations and senior executives our way.

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Recent feedback from Chambers Guide to the UK Legal Profession and The Legal 500 includes - 

  • “I think he is more than a good lawyer – he is a superb lawyer who is incredibly professional. He listens very well. He is there to see what the business issues are, and is incredibly knowledgeable about the law itself and comes up with a solution. He stands out as being one of the unique professionals in the industry. He is grounded, doesn’t carry hubris and he is bloody good – exceptionally good – at what he does. I haven’t seen any better.”

  • "...a phenomenal lawyer with an abundance of commerciality, I feel like she and her team are a natural extension of my team. She is an excellent negotiator as well as excellent in educating and training staff, managers and HR professionals alike. I have the utmost confidence that she has the credibility and can provide the confidence required to know we are in safe hands.” 

  • "He is a great litigator - he is someone I have a lot of confidence in", “is highly valued by his clients for his experience, with sources noting that he “has seen it all, and is great with clients.” and is a “A pragmatic and sensible guy”.

  • “She brings so much more to the table because she has a very big depth of experience. She became a lawyer, having been in the military in HR at a very senior level. So she has the pragmatism of somebody who’s actually had to do the job. She brings the experience, she gets the situation straight away.” 

  • “I really do think she is a good lawyer. …… She is steely and charming – iron fist, velvet glove. She is lovely. She is definitely my conflict referral person, she is definitely on the client’s side.”
  • “I collaborate with a number of law firms across the world. There is one firm that stands out in the UK: Doyle Clayton. In particular, one lawyer who surpasses any other lawyer I have used. He provides sound advice in all circumstances, takes into account company culture and values and understands readily how he needs to tailor guidance and advice based on his audience.” 
  • “She is an amazing lawyer: knowledgeable, commercial and always available. You can roll her out to chairman level with no concerns.” 

Services for Employers

To find out how we can help you, please contact any of our offices below, or message us using the contact form here info@doyleclayton.co.uk.

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