Illegal Working Penalties and Right to Work

Complying with laws on illegal working

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Criminal penalties rather than civil penalties can now be imposed for employing illegal workers, and all UK employers are at risk. 

Immigration Compliance and Right to Work Check

We’ll help you review and update your HR systems and working practices to Home Office guidelines, including bespoke training for HR teams to ensure compliance, and training support services on Right to Work checks. This service will also benefit new or small businesses with little or no current HR processes. 

The Home Office is working more closely with other government departments such as HMRC, causing an increase in compliance visits. We can offer mock audits on site, conducted by a member of our Business Immigration team who is a former Home Office Compliance Officer who used to conduct announced and unannounced compliance visits. 

Home Office Sponsor Guidance

With sponsors expected to read and understand the Home Office’s 200-page Sponsor Guidance document, our services can be instrumental in raising awareness of your obligations. Our aim is to make compliance less burdensome on the day-to-day running of your business. Non-sponsors also need to know their Right to Work obligations as immigration rules are placing more employers at risk of hiring an illegal worker.

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