Employment law support for individuals

Details of our employment law support for individual clients

Employment law support for individuals

We understand that, when we are acting for an individual client, we are dealing not only with your job but with your future career and source of income. We will take time to understand your aims and objectives but will be realistic in the advice that we give you, taking account of the wider issues, not just the legal ones, and acting in your best interests at all times. Our goal is to deliver the best possible outcome for you in terms of the results achieved, the costs involved and your future employment prospects.


One of Doyle Clayton’s best qualities is their ability to translate, what can sometimes be conflicting and confusing legislation into layman’s terms

Unlike many leading employment law practices we advise both individual clients and employers and are equally experienced with both. By understanding the issues from both sides we can find the best solution for our clients and devise successful strategies to achieve them.

Complex employment matters

We have particular experience dealing with more complex employment matters where we can make a significant difference to the outcome, including cases of unfair dismissal and discrimination. In particular we are experienced advising managers and senior executives and those in the insurance, finance, banking and similar industries. Many clients are referred to us from other law firms and we often act for them in relation to their departure from existing employers or advise them on new contracts of employment.

We also act in relation to grievances and redundancy issues and for those involved in moving themselves or their teams to a competitor, where we can advise on restrictive covenants and act in any subsequent litigation.

Employment Tribunals, Employment Appeals Tribunal and High Court

We have a number of experienced solicitor advocates and can represent our clients in employment tribunals, the Employment Appeal Tribunal and in the High Court. Our clients appreciate our open style and approachability but, while we hope to achieve an amicable solution, we are tenacious in our approach and will take a more aggressive stance to achieve the best possible outcome for them when circumstances require.

Our services

In summary, at Doyle Clayton we are experienced across the full range of employment law matters including:

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Our employment law support for employers

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