Recruiting, retaining and motivating talented employees

has always been crucial for business. Loyal employees, aligned to your businesses objectives add value to the organisation but more importantly add value to your clients. Keeping your employees' satisfaction and morale levels high can be difficult, one way of achieving this is through the use of Employee share schemes. Employee share schemes are a  key tool,  allowing companies to provide meaningful rewards that are linked directly to the long-term financial success of the business.

Doyle Clayton's employee share incentives experts can help you to design and deliver the right share scheme solution for your business, guiding you through the increasingly challenging tax, corporate governance, employment law and regulatory issues. We will also work with you on the operation and administration of your share schemes: helping on the grant of new awards, processing vested awards, dealing with departing employees and advising on corporate transactions.

Our areas of expertise include delivering tax-efficient solutions, including advising on the availability of arrangements "approved" by tax authorities; designing and implementing global share plans and providing advice in the context of corporate transactions, including takeovers, reorganisations and equity fundraisings.

We advise on all types of share plans, incentives arrangements and remuneration issues. Our clients include FTSE quoted companies, private equity houses and their investee companies.

Our work includes:

  1. Designing and implementing executive and all employee incentives plans including LTIPs, option plans, tax-approved/tax-favoured plans in the UK and globally, deferred bonus plans and cash incentives; 
  2. Project managing legal, regulatory and tax advice on international share plans;
  3. Supporting the ongoing operation of plans; 
  4. Advising on the design, set up and funding of hedging products for companies including employee trusts and derivatives (e.g. call options/swaps); 
  5. Advising on the incentives plans impact of takeovers, mergers, IPOs and other corporate transactions; 
  6. Leading companies through the maze of corporate governance, regulatory and shareholder issues affecting executive remuneration and employee benefits;
  7. Advising on employment tax issues. 
  8. We can design share plans and incentives arrangements and draft all documentation to suit your business. Our experience extends from the implementation of standard tax-approved plans to complex, bespoke arrangements designed to fit our clients' requirements. We are there to help not only with the initial launch of plans but also with their ongoing operation.

Our team has extensive experience of helping companies project manage share plan launches. Working closely with our employment, regulatory and pensions colleagues, we are also able to provide a comprehensive service in relation to broader executive and employment-related matters.