Employment Law Solicitors for Senior Executives

Doyle Clayton solicitors, the largest specialist employment law firm in the UK, advising senior executives, company directors and members of LLPs on all issues of employment and partnership law.

Specialist employment law solicitors for Senior Executives

Possibly at some stage in your career you may have to take specialist advice from an employment lawyer. This can happen at any time in the employment cycle, from recruitment, during employment, when you leave and occasionally after your employment has ended, particularly where there are post termination restrictions (restrictive covenants) in place.

We work with senior executives, executive and non-executive directors, senior managers and members of professional organisations or shareholders as well as members of LLPs.
Don’t be put off by the fact that we represent individuals and employers; because in fact for you this is a very good thing, working, as we often do, on both sides gives us a unique perspective from which to view your individual problem. We know the tricks of the trade and the tactics that are likely to be deployed against you, which means we are best placed to help you when you need it.

How Doyle Clayton’s specialist employment law solicitors help Senior Executives

Doyle Clayton has a  team of 28 specialist employment law solicitors and between them they have seen it all! Since 1997 we have worked with individuals across a broad range of industries. 

Our approach is simple:

• Listen
• Give pragmatic sensible advice
• Deliver positive solutions

Supporting Senior Executives

Not all situations require the start of legal proceedings we help in other non contentious areas.
• Team moves
• Reviewing contracts of employment
• Negotiating new terms
• Corporate governance and
• Remuneration
• Tax and pensions
• Shareholder and investor agreements
• Directors legal and fiduciary duties
• Advising partners and members of LLPs
• Negotiating senior executive exits

Recent work for Senior Executives
Bonus Disputes
Restrictive covenants
Team moves

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